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新界的裸買店多選址在西貢,對於沿著港鐵東鐵線出入的居民來說確實不便。有見及此,同住大埔的2位店主 Ella 跟 Margot,便於今年6月在大埔市中心的住宅商場開設裸買店



【環保不「離地」 平民裸買小店3選】

Hong Kong Living 

Tucked away inside a modest neighbourhood shopping mall, The Bulk Shop is founded earlier this year by two friends who live in Tai Po. Margot and Ella started their business to make zero-waste products more accessible to local residents. From spices and grains to shampoo bars and detergents, The Bulk Shop offers a wide range of home goods and daily necessities to help you cut down on waste. Supporting local retailers, the shop also sells handcrafted sourdough bread from Mayse in Tai Mei Tuk and aromatic coffee beans by local coffee roaster Dr. Sutton’s.

The Bulk Shop, 25-28B, 2/F, Jade Plaza, 3 On Chee Road, Tai Po, 5161 9454