Our Story


Most recently Covid-19 has dramatically changed the way we think and live.  Now, more than ever, we recognise that a stronger community benefits us all.  In an age where technology both connects and divides us, an actively connected local community is essential to our well-being and our sense of belonging.

Our vision for Margella is to capture the essence of a community that is striving and thriving together.  We aim to do this by innovating the way people connect with one another, by helping them to adopt sustainable ways of living, and by sharing expertise within the  community.  And on top of all this we want to add some zest and fun into everything we create.

Margella isn't simply a brand, it's an opportunity for growth and experience.

Margella 願景

近來新冠肺炎對我們思考和生活的方式產生了極大影響,我們較之前更清楚地認識到強大的社區聯繫令人人受惠。現時的科技既可聯繫我們亦能進行分化,因此緊密聯繫的本地社區對我們的福祉及歸屬感至關重要。 我們期望Margella 能夠成為不斷壯大的社區中重要一環,透過創出居民彼此聯繫的新穎方式,協助人們接受可持續的生活方式,以及在社區內分享專業知識。 最重要的是我們希望這一切帶來耳目一新清新的有趣體驗。 Margella 不單止是一個品牌,更是一個成長和累積經驗的機會。