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傳統乳酪 團購 Yogurt Preorder

傳統乳酪 團購 Yogurt Preorder

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Our owner had lived in the Middle East for 10 years before she moved back to Hong Kong where she learned the most original form of yogurt and the technique of producing high quality yogurt. She had visited many old villagers and saw the art. After that, she had experimented different ways of manufacturing yogurt. From numbers of trials and errors, she mastered the technique of making the most original form of yogurt. She herself is a super yogurt fan and eats three bowls of yogurt a day for many years. After she back from the Middle East, she was always wondering why 95% of the yogurt in Hong Kong are imported and felt the need to produce a high quality yogurt locally. Our factory is located in Kwai Chung with daily capacity of 1000 KG. We are a wholesaler and manufacturer that mainly supply to restaurants, cafes, bakeries and gyms. Our yogurt is highly praised by many chefs, bakers and yogurt fans. Many of them said ” I had never tasted such fresh yogurt in the market.”, “The texture and the taste is so excellent.”, “The quality is much better than many other brands.”

🤩香港品牌 Made in HK
🤩成團後才落單用新鮮牛奶製造 Freshly made with fresh milk
🤩抗衰老,是女士恩物 Anti-aging
🤩無添加糖、防腐 No added sugar or artificials

傳統優質乳酪 Premium Yogurt

✅百分百天然成份 100% Natural Ingredients
✅天然發酵 100% Natural Fermented
✅含豐富蛋白質 High Protein
✅加倍抗氧化功能和益生菌 Extra strong antioxidant and probiotics
✅對增強免疫系統和改善皮膚功效顯著 A real booster for strong health and radiant skin

售價:$48/300g (坊間小杯乳酪100-120g一杯,300g食到3餐)

傳統高蛋白乳酪 High Protein Yogurt

✅百分百天然成份 100% Natural Ingredients
✅天然發酵 100% Natural Fermented
✅蛋白質含量提高30% 30% more protein content
✅有助於增強免疫系統、促進生長和代謝 Strengthen immune system, growth and metabolism
✅特別適合兒童、老人和注重健康人士 Especially suitable for kids, elderly, pregnant women and the health conscious ones


食用期限: 放置於0-4度雪櫃可存放三個星期
Storage: 3 weeks under fridge (0-4 degree Celsius)

Please bring along your sterilized container when pick up. No individual packaging will be provided.
You may drop us the container at shop for sterilization at least one day before the pick-up. Thank you for your devotion to environmental protection💚

《純 》可可Granola Cocoa Granola by Shun - $22/100g
《純 》生酮Granola Keto Granola by Shun - $36/100g

一份300g乳酪 + 一份100g Granola 當然可按個人喜好調整份量。

🌻截單時間: 5月23日(二)6pm
Order cut-off: 6pm on May 23 (TUE)

🌻取貨日: 5月26日(五)下午 / 5月27日(六)11am-7pm
Order pick-up: May 26 (FRI) pm / May 27 (SAT) 11am-7pm

📍Pick-up point取貨地點:
大埔鄉事會街9-13號大日子商場2樓219-220號舖【帶包SHOP a.k.a. The BulkSHoppers】
Shop 219-220, 2/F, Big Day Mall, Pauline Building, 9-13 Heung Sze Wui Street, Taipo, N.T.

如有任何爭議,The BulkSHoppers保留最終決定權。
The BulkSHoppers reserves the rights for final decision.

☎️查詢Enquiry:5161 9454 (帶包SHOP a.k.a. The BulkSHoppers)

⏰Shop Hours營業時間
星期二、三、五 TUE, WED, FRI 12nn-7pm
星期四 THU 1-8pm
星期六~日 SAT-SUN 11am-7pm
星期一休息 Close on MON

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