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Mil Mill

喵坊 洗衣球 MILMILL Laundry Capsule

喵坊 洗衣球 MILMILL Laundry Capsule

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Mil Mill喵坊洗衣球由台灣製造,由天然酵素濃縮製成,不含防腐劑。
洗衣球有「五無」特性 : 無磷、無螢光劑、無甲醛、無三氯沙、無苯,減低對泥土及水份的損害。

MilMill washing capsule is made from Taiwan, concentrated from natural enzymes, no preservatives. The washing capsule has the characteristics of "5N" : No phosphorus, No fluorescent agent, no formaldehyde, No triclosan, No benzene, reduce the impact to soil and water. In order to reduce unnecessary waste, simple and recyclable packing bags are used.

The film of the washing capsule will completely decompose when exposed to water and no residue when product is used.



How to use: Use 1 pieces each time, put it in the washing machine together with the clothes.

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